Mommy & Me-Take 69

After our family lunch on Friday I wanted to take Logan swimming. Our neighborhood (most likely the only neighborhood in the state of Texas without one) does NOT have a pool. I don’t understand it. The next best thing? A $9 pool from Wal-Mart.DSC_0100

She looks so cute in a swim suit.



She really enjoyed splashing around and sharing the water with Riley.DSC_0095

I LOVE this picture of Logan and Riley! She LOVES her fur sister and Riley gets THE BEST giggles from Logan!photo_2

To complete our make-shift pool day I will leave you with my favorite outtake. This picture captures our girls perfectly…Logan splashing and having a great time, Riley watching over her sister and Madelyn gnawing on Riley’s legs like she always does.photo_1


  1. The outtake shot is my favorite, too. You can really tell how much Logan is enjoying it!

    (Also, who else wears a headband in the pool?!)

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    great pictures. love the last one. Madelyn is such a stinker with Riley.

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