Mommy & Me-Take 73

Our Milkshake (knock on wood) has been doing rather well with naps and bedtime at home. Day Care naps are pretty much non existent. But this past weekend Logan could NOT fall asleep for her afternoon nap, yet she was so sleepy. I tried rocking her and patting her back and pacing while shshing in her ear and finally I thought if I lay down with her she will fall asleep. Obviosuly it was an epic fail. She had a BLAST with Momma in her crib!73
Sleepy? Yeah right.73b
After a little over an hour of trying to help her sleep i gave up and me and the Hubs took her to the grocery store and Sam’s. When we got home the Hubs took her to her room, changed her diaper and she was asleep less than 30 seconds after he laid her down. She took an hour and a half nap and stayed up later than usual that evening which was extra nice and fun.

Sunday she had 2 great naps and woke up ready to take a selfie with Momma!73c

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  1. Grandma Pat says:

    oh the things mommies will do to help their babies sleep.

  2. Her little teeth are so stinking cute.

    Yeah, mommy in the crib? Totally play time! Glad she had good naps on Sunday!

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