Mommy & Me-Take 81

Logan REALLY likes books to be read to her. She will grab one, crawl over to me, hand it to me and sit back anxiously waiting for me to read to her. If I take too long getting started she will let me know. This weekend, her favorite book was The Nose Book. I think I read it to her at least 20 times, and her Aunt Theresa read it to her several times as well. m&m81
Sometimes she will turn the page, but most of the time she sits and listens and looks at all the pictures.
We enjoyed having family over Sunday to watch football. Nothing like a Sunday selfie in our football gear!m&m81b


  1. Soo cute.

    My kids love a book called The Ear Book, I wonder if there’s any relation to The Nose Book, lol!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    Go texans!!!!! it is great she sits and listens to reading. You used to like to be read to also.

  3. I can’t imagine any daughter of yours insisting on being read to RIGHT.NOW!

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