Mommy & Me-Take 83

We had a fun weekend of nothing big planned, whew! It was great the humidity was low and it didn’t feel as hot as normal. We spent some time playing in the yard with Logan on Sunday. She’s not walking yet which is why we have her in pants, to protect her knees from the prickly, itchy grass. m&m83c
She enjoyed picking up the rocks and handing them to Father, until she decided to take them from him and eat them!m&m83d
Father is quick and no rocks made it down her throat and in to her tummy.
After her bath we got a FaceTime call from Unlce Matt and cousin E! Logan loved staring at E while she talked about her pretty dress and reminded Logan how tiny her nose and baby hands are! It was very sweet. Then Logan wanted to push the center button and end the call, but she didn’t really want to end the call…and the whole thing started to upset her. Reasoning with a 13 month old is fun!
After our family FaceTime we took some selfies since Logan LOVES the forward facing camera.m&m83gm&m83

Selfies cause bubble blowing….m&m83f
..and drooling!m&m83e
Gosh I love her pretty face!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    it has been very nice outside this week. Outside exploring is lots of fun.

  2. Thank goodness for a quick thinking daddy!

    And, that drool-y picture might be my new favorite!

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