Mommy & Me-Take 85

I guess my new trend is to post Mommy & Me Monday on Tuesday…and I’m glad I did this week because last night Logan took 5-6 steps! I got so excited I screamed and she got excited then reached out and kind of fell into my arms to close the gap. It.was.WONDERFUL!

Back to the matter at hand, we were taking our M&M picture and were able to snap this selfie. m&m85
Her mouth was stuffed with her afternoon snack, my hand is blocking the lens–it’s just not our best selfie. The Hubs snapped a few more pictures and I think they turned out much better. m&m85b
I love how she has her hand on my face. She has kind of been obsessed with face touching, grabbing and pinching lately. We are working with her to ‘be gentle’ and she’s doing a great job with it. She gives the sweetest face rubs with her tiny hands!
Our favorite football team plays on Thusday this week so there is a chance we won’t be in our Texans gear for Mommy & Me next week.


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    As long as there are Mommy & Me photos it doesn’t matter what day they are on.

  2. It’s my favorite when they put their soft little hands on faces!

    PS Timehop tells me you were here a year ago!

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