Mommy & Me-Take 181

We began the week celebrating Logan’s 3rd birthday! She was very excited to be 3 and told everyone she could that it was her birthday. I let her pick out her own dress to wear for her special day. The picture is blurry but shows off the sparkly pink belt she really liked. The Hubs and I brought Sophia the First cupcakes for her to enjoy with her … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 85

I guess my new trend is to post Mommy & Me Monday on Tuesday...and I'm glad I did this week because last night Logan took 5-6 steps! I got so excited I screamed and she got excited then reached out and kind of fell into my arms to close the gap. It.was.WONDERFUL! Back to the matter at hand, we were taking our M&M picture and were able to … [Read more...]