Mommy & Me-Take 88 & 89

Take 88:

We are so excited Logan is walking! There were SO many things we wanted to do with her, but kind of couldn’t becuase she would get hurt or eat whatver it was she was crawling on. We ventured to the playground last weekend and she surprised us with how brave she was…she wanted to go down the slide immediately, all on her own. We had her ride in MommaE’s lap on the bigger slide, and let her tackle the smaller ones on her own. m&m88b
It was so fun enjoying this moment with her.m&m88c
We were aiming to go to the park 2-3 nights after dinner, then this darn DLS thing kicked in and it will be dark at that time. We will make sure to take advantage of it on the weekends, and we are so lucky it is just a quick walk from our house.

Take 89:

We had wonderful weather this weekend. It was a little chilly, but it was welcomed and wonderful becuase Logan could wear her frog hat. She LOVES her frog hat. We spent as much time outside as possible. She enjoys bubbles and could chase them for hours if it were possible. She tries to blow them on her own but she needs a little more practice.m&m89b
I was trying to get a picture of her in her adorable leg warmers (SO handy for diaper changes!) but she insisted on a selfie. Sure thing, Logan! Whatever you want (I know, I will regret that all too soon.).m&m89
Books are another favorite right now. She loves to be read to, and also enjoys sitting on her own turning the pages. No, she doesn’t take a paci, and rarely ever did, but she found this one in her toy bin and was very happy to chew on it while I read to her.
She really enjoys her accessories, too. The teething necklace is typically the first thing she grabs in her play area.


  1. Too cute! Love her frog hat!!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    cute pictures – love the leg warmers

  3. Her baby legs and that hat are too much. You are raising a little fashionista for sure! Glad she loves her little piggies, too!

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