Photo Story Friday-Nickname Edition

Me and the hubs were discussing baby names a few weeks ago (we won’t officially name it milkshake) and he made a very good point—he said, “It doesn’t matter what we name it, within a week you will have nicknamed it and everyone will call it that.” It did take some of the pressure off picking the name for a moment, but I know its nickname won’t go on resumes and job applications and their college degree, so we have been discussing and deciding names in a semi-serious manner.


But, I do nickname everyone, and sometimes things, too. Some of the nicknames have evolved over time, others have stayed the same.

Take the hubs for example. I started calling him Hubby Boo Bear shortly after the wedding (yes, he is ok with it). It stuck, but then it go shortened to Boo Bear. There is even an emojii icon we use for it (no were are not those mushy gushy ooey gooey type, but my nicknames just stick). Then it just felt weird showing up to his (former) work functions and saying “Hi Boo Bear” and sealing it with a kiss in front of his employees and boss. So now it’s just Boo in public. We can be in a crowded place and I can say, shout, yell, even sing his name and he won’t hear, I say Boo and he responds. So now the hubs is Boo, but he wants the milkshake to call him Father (dead serious, oh, and with a British accent, too…we live in Texas and have zero European accents so I don’t know how this will happen).


Doesn’t he look like a Boo Bear?

Then there is zoE. When I got her she wasn’t so healthy plump like she is now. So I called her Zobee and that was her name for years. Well, over the years she has eaten more, and plays much much MUCH less than when she was younger. Our Zobee is now Fatty Batty. I think she likes her nickname because she hasn’t slowed down her eating or amped up her workouts.


Riley. Our poor dog has to be traumatized by her nickname. I started calling her Riley Roo shortly after we got her. I just didn’t feel like Riley was enough for her. Riley Roo turned in to Rooster Booster…and now she is just Rooster. So when we are jogging on the trail and I need to get her attention I say out loud, in public “Rooster.” We have a dog called Rooster….reminds me of the book A Dog Called Kitty. She has her own emojii as well.


I finally got a new car a year and a half ago. I needed one. Black Beauty (my old car) was a 1998 Altima with 180k miles on her, and a little rough to drive. For the first (and most likely ONLY) time in my life I handpicked everything for my car and we ordered it. Very exciting, except for the waiting part. Of course I had to name it before I got it. I got Humphrey in August 2011, and I love him. Hubs and other family members refer to him by name, and I like it that way. He is the most handsome Humphrey ever!


The day I got Humphrey!

Leroy has always been a little different. From the day I brought him home he’s been crazy cat. A friend showed me some video game clip on youtube and I started calling him Leroy Jenkins. That turned into Jenk the Stink (but he doesn’t smell, promise), and that evolved into Tinker Tot. Now he is just Mr. Tinker (the hubs thinks the milkshake will call him Mr. Tinker). Yes, he has an emojii as well.


Madelyn recently got her nickname (I don’t force the issue, I wait for it to come to me). I started calling her Madelyn Grace (she isn’t a Maddie, just look at her…it doesn’t fit). It’s now Grace and I think she is still confused by it since hubs and everyone else calls her Madelyn, and here I am calling her Grace. Grace will catch on, it just needs some time. Her emojii is identical to how she looks….lucky girl!


Another thing I should point out about me and the hubs and the naming process…we don’t like typical nicknames. There is nothing wrong with them by any means, but they just don’t work for us. We really liked the name Patrick (we still don’t know if it’s a girl or boy—March 7 is the date) but after we thought about it we don’t like Pat. And it’s not that we don’t like it, but both our moms are Pat. Just seemed odd to have a son named Pat with two grandmas named Pat.  We have taken nicknames into consideration with the name selection. We are still debating a few, but definitely have it narrowed down. Hurry up March 7.

The milkshake’s emojii (yes, we use them in our text messages on a regular basis):


And finally, MommaE’s emojii (did you really think I didn’t have one?):


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  1. I want to know…when you are complaining about I have one?

  2. Stephanie Russell says:

    Love it!! Yall crack me up!!!

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    I agree Patrick would be 1 too many Pat’s. Love the emojii’s especially yours.

  4. I love that the animals have icons. We have drawings for ours! Emojis before they were a thing, I guess.

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