Photo Story Friday-The Chair Edition

When we started looking for nursery furniture, I knew I wanted a chair that was comfortable and neutral. I searched online, in stores and asked for recommendations from other mommies. I decided on a chair from and when it arrived I had to test it out with the help of our fur babies.

Madelyn took the first test glide:



Next it was Leroy’s turn with MommaE:


Then the Hubs wanted to check out the chair, and Leroy and Madleyn liked it so much they came back for a second glide on Fathers lap:


And then zoE* was all ‘Hey, I want a turn, too!’and Riley needed some love:


In the end, the Hubs says he likes the glider just like this:


He really likes the boppy as a neck pillow. When I explained to him how it is supposed to be used with the Milkshake he requested a second boppy, so he can use one to feed her and use the other for a neck pillow. I found one at a consignment store and we now have 2 boppy’s in the glider for Logan’s arrival.

*zoE is a cat, a very large cat, but a feline. Some co-workers saw these pictures and thought she was a dog. The bigger the zoE, the more to love.


  1. Looks like it’s a hit! I can’t get over how big the room is, too! Can’t wait to see it in person.

    PS I have several pictures of Mr. Serious with a boppy for a neck pillow, too!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    silly, silly, silly fur babies. Need a boppy the next time I fly.

  3. great chair for a big room!

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