Photo Story Friday-The Reading Edition

This week I decided to read up on all the paperwork we have received from doctor appointments and from my HR department for FMLA stuff. I relaxed in bed, propped up my cankle and got to reading very carefully. Well, that was my intent at least. Leroy and Madelyn just couldn’t resist preventing helping me with the reading. After I took these pictures I put it away and just snuggled them. It’s hard not to when they are so cute.psfplucky

A few nights later I wanted to review some hypnobirthing techniques and zoE wanted to help. I say it all the time, she’s perfect! Look how nicely she snuggled up to the book without blocking the words AND she even kept it propped up for me with her perfect little paw. psfzoE


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    Pretty soon a human baby will be added to the fur family

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