Thirteen Pictures from Orlando and Atlanta

A few weeks ago we flew to Orlando for Chris and Rachel’s wedding. We dropped Logan off in Atlanta with my sister and BIL and our 4 nieces. Yes! They had 5 girls under one roof for the weekend. Talk about amazing! After the wedding I stayed in Atlanta while the Hubs and my BIL flew to Houston. Here are some pictures from the wedding in Orlando, and our visit in Atlanta.

The Hubs and Logan on the flight to ATL.

1. wedding6

Face-Time call with our Milkshake.

2. wedding8

Logan and her cousin B.

3. wedding7

Krystyn with all 5 girls. Can you say ROCKSTAR mom and aunt?!

4. wedding11

Bridesmaids getting ready for the ceremony.



Waiting for pictures after the ceremony. Some of the girls hubby’s were super sweet and brought us drinks from the wedding happy hour.

6. wedding4

Me and the Hubs at the reception.

7. wedding3

Me and my BFF, Stephanie, at the reception.

8. wedding9

I know it’s dark but the beautiful bride, Rachel, took a quick professional photo break to jump in an iPhone picture with the bridesmaids. I wish I had more pictures of Rachel….she looked gorgeous!

9. wedding2

Wearing my sweet niece, B, while my sister wore Logan and we prepared dinner. Babywearing is so fun!

10. wedding16

Just some sweet cousin love for Logan and Nat!

11. wedding20

5 cuties! Me and my sister are so incredibly blessed. Just look at those 5 beauties!

12. wedding19

Gnawing on waffles fries (our flight home was delayed almost 2 hours) which kept my Milkshake happy.

13. wedding21

We can’t thank My sister and BIL enough for watching Logan. We had a fun weekend with friends, and enjoyed celebrating Chris and Rachel say ‘I do!’ Next H-Town visit we will happily take your 4.


  1. You know we’d gladly have her anytime. E saw a picture of Logan the other day and asked about her.

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