Mommy & Me-Take 164 & 165

Take 164 Disney on Ice came to Houston and I KNEW Logan would love it. As we walked in the stadium she was in awe of all the treats, other children and Disney clothing for sale. I let her pick one thing to get and she chose cotton candy. We took a selfie for Father because she was getting pretty antsy waiting the 10 long minutes for the show to … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 139

This past week we took off to Cancun, Mexico so I could stand by my friend, Amanda, as she married her love, Dalton. The airport in Houston was a breeze with the girls as we were able to wear them in our LILLEbaby carriers through security!Notice the blue Dum-Dum...SO glad I grabbed a bag of those at the last minute. If you're traveling with a … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 138

Both girls have had runny noses and a cough the past week, and Logan had a low grade fever and stayed home with Morgan and me Wednesday. I tried to get a selfie but you can tell she was not feeling well. I've been working on getting the girls to nap at the same time, or have a little bit of an overlap, and this is what Morgan thought of napping … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 130

We spent a good amount of time this past week opening the rest of Logan's birthday presents (we are still waiting for a package Great Grandma and Great Grandpa mailed then I will finish her birthday post). By Friday she understood when she opened a wrapped package or pulled the tissue paper out of a bag there was something fun inside. Laurie got … [Read more...]

Thirteen Pictures from Orlando and Atlanta

A few weeks ago we flew to Orlando for Chris and Rachel’s wedding. We dropped Logan off in Atlanta with my sister and BIL and our 4 nieces. Yes! They had 5 girls under one roof for the weekend. Talk about amazing! After the wedding I stayed in Atlanta while the Hubs and my BIL flew to Houston. Here are some pictures from the wedding in Orlando, and … [Read more...]