Wordful Wednesday

Since I do not get to see my nieces often enough, I like to spoil them every moment when I am there. They have a sweet tooth just like their aunt so I figured some candy for dessert would be a nice treat. Me and my sister went to the dollar store and I made sure there was something to satisfy everyone.


I thought I had done really good with the treat/surprise/choices….and then my sister walked out of the gas station with these:


I have been craving these and only found them once and they were SO expensive I only got two rolls ($1.79 a roll is just too much in my opinion.). She definitely wins the sister of the year award for finding the above delicious gems!


  1. Nice! I wish my aunts were as cool as you are! And you found NERDS!!! I’ve had such a hard time finding them around here lately. I had to stock up on my trip to Florida.

  2. Guilty of finishing off the Good N Plenty’s too!

    So glad you enjoyed your candy…I notice there is already a roll missing.

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    glad you found the big smarties – sorry you all got your sweet tooth from me, who in turn got it from Grandma. Still can’t believe Aunt Theresa and Aunt Deb can eat a lb. of See’s in 1 weekend.

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