Mommy & Me-Take 15

The lovely Texas Summer heat and humidity are finally here. I want to say by now (I’ve lived here since I was 9 months old) I am used to it, but it’s just not something you can really get used to. You get used to feeling sticky and never really having a good hair day, but the heat combined with the humidity and bright, shining sun are just plain HOT every year. Even though it’s muy caliente outside, I still prefer to workout outdoors. Working out in the heat combined with being pregnant have proved a little tougher than I thought. I get SO thirsty SO fast, and the water fountain on the trail near our house spits out hot water, and that does nothing for my thirst when I am already hot. For Easter, the Hubs got me the best Easter surprise ever….a Camelback. I know I look rather silly jogging/walking through the neighborhood wearing my Camelback, but it is perfect. I don’t have to cut my workouts short or rely on the 95+ degree water from the water fountain. The strap at the top makes my preggo (*)(*) look like a purchased pair, and the strap at my waist goes above my bump and accentuates it which makes the middle school kids stare like I have three heads, or maybe the boys think a porn star lives in the neighborhood and they are focused on what is amplified by the top strap. Even in this blurry picture you can see the major cleavage. Idon’t know whether to thank Camelback or call customer service about their obscene strap placement. The Hubs was upstairs and had to snap a picture before our walk because he even thinks it’s a little different (he knows better than to say weird) to see someone walking, in a neighborhood, with a Camelback strapped on.  m&m2

I think it’s great because look how happy these girls are walking with their Momma:m&m1

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  1. that is brilliant…. I wish I had thought of that. I carried my Nalgene where ever I went – and drained it several times a day. It’s because the Amniotic Fluid drains and replenishes itself so many times!

  2. I think I need a close up!

    I need to remember my cameback. We almost brought them to disney, but they would have melted like 10 seconds after we got to the park.

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    those camelbacks are a great idea. I hate carrying a water bottle when I walk. They are also handy for bike riding. Enjoy the extra cleavage while you can’

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