Mommy & Me-Take 2

*I have a plus one for Mommy & Me this week. See if you can spot Vito joining the yoga fun!

I got a prenatal yoga DVD and I have been trying to use it 2 days a week. I really enjoy it, and I feel it’s a great, relaxing workout…most of the time. This is how yoga goes in my house:


All the fur babies want to be involved. Notice zoE, sitting nicely just observing. I can’t say it enough—she really is the perfect baby.


Madelyn went in for a kiss and Vito took the snuggle spot.


Got the dogs off the mat, now just need Leroy to observe nicely.


I finally had the hubby put the dogs outside (it was a gorgeous day so they didn’t mind). I go to do the tree pose and this is my view:


It’s good to know I am loved. The milkshake better be ready for wet kisses and fur adorned onsies.

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  1. pat chance says:

    your fur babies are pretty funny and definitely in your face. hopefully the first few months they will steer clear of the new milkshake.

    • Hopefully, but lately they have been all about mommy. They want to be next to me, near me, on a walk with me, sitting on me, cuddling me, etc. I like to think they want to get close to the milkshake.

  2. This gives me anxiety…I don’t know why, but I want my space.

  3. We can’t play our Kinect or Wii for the same reason!

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