Mommy & Me-Take 30

Logan’s third week was full of outings. Monday we went to the birth center to have her weight checked (she has been struggling to gain weight and was losing at an uncomfortable rate) and we learned she is gaining. It was also great to see Melissa, my midwife, again (I will talk more about her in the birth story, which should be posted this week). In order to encourage Logan to eat and gain weight I was breast feeding her (woo-hoo…we struggled with this after the NICU forced bottles) every two hours. In order to get some sleep I just snuggled her and slept when she did. The Hubs came home several mornings to this:get-attachment (12)

Wednesday she had another weight check, this time with the pediatrician and she is one ounce away from birth weight. Finally, an appointment we left smiling and happy things were going well for our Milkshake.

Saturday the Hubs had to work all day and night, so my dad (aka Grandpa) came over to spend time with us. We also took Logan to Target for the first time. On the way there she was crying so I pulled over, jumped in the back seat and breast fed her and she did fantastic! It was a quick trip to Target but she did great. Thanks again Joe for spending time with us.

Sunday we had a family day. We took Logan to the mall, so of course she had to get dressed up:get-attachment (15)

After the mall we relaxed at home and vegged out watching golf and taking family selfies. This is just one of the 20+ family selfies we took:get-attachment (14)

The selfies must have worn our Milkshake out….she just wanted to nurse and sleep the rest of the afternoon. It makes me SO incredibly happy she wants to breast feed.get-attachment (16)

(One ecstatic breast feeding MommaE and her Milkshake)

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  1. So glad things are going better for you and your milkshake…and that she wants her mommy so much!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    very glad she’s gaining some weight. I know it was scarey for you and dad. Wow a trip to the mall. Big outing.

  3. So glad she is starting to gain weight! Love all the pics – the family photo is fantastic!

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