Mommy & Me-Take 215

April 3-9, 2017 I’ve had the cutest dishwasher insist on washing dishes every evening after dinner. As soon as we are finished eating she grabs her stool, brings it to the sink and asks me to bring her ‘the dirty ones.’ She does a great job of scrubbing everything clean, rinsing and then hands it to me to load into the dishwasher. Of course, … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me Monday-Take 194

November 7-13, 2016 A nasty ‘bug’ came through our house this week, and Logan was the first victim. She had a fever so we picked her up early from school and she wanted snuggles. I was hoping she would recover quickly because it’s so sad to see our Shakes sick AND she had Disney on Ice the next night. She got lots of rest and by Thursday was … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 164 & 165

Take 164 Disney on Ice came to Houston and I KNEW Logan would love it. As we walked in the stadium she was in awe of all the treats, other children and Disney clothing for sale. I let her pick one thing to get and she chose cotton candy. We took a selfie for Father because she was getting pretty antsy waiting the 10 long minutes for the show to … [Read more...]